Title : Coronavirus government response tracker
Description :
Systematic information on which governments have taken which measures, and when, can help decision-makers and citizens understand the robustness of governmental responses in a consistent way, aiding efforts to fight the pandemic. The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) systematically collects information on several different common policy responses governments have taken, scores the stringency of such measures, and aggregates these scores into a common Stringency Index. OxCGRT collects publicly available information on 13 indicators of government response (S1–S13). Nine of the indicators (S1–S7, S12 and S13) take policies such as school closures, travel bans, etc, and are recorded on an ordinal scale; the others (S8–S11) are financial indicators such as fiscal or monetary measures.
Organization : University of Oxford
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Country : Worldwide
Data Type : Social Science
Date Created : 2020-03-25
Date Modified : 2020-04-14
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